Wake Up

by Ebony Grace

No Time 04:07
You are helpless, I don't even wanna try, You are reckless, with your wandering eyes, You are helpless, I don't want anything to do, You are reckless, this is all because of you, You are pointless and you're wasting my time, This will haunt us even ten years down the line, You are pointless I don't see why you should cry, When you have torn us with your greed and all your lies, CHORUS- I moved far away from you and you don't seem to care, I don't wanna play these games with you cause they're never fair, We're twisting, we're turning, We're spreading into all directions now, Its breaking, its burning, Its all coming crashing down, You cant fool me, I know you more than anyone, You cant fool me, every inch of trust is gone, You are helpless, I don't even wanna try, How can you help us when you're not even in control of your own mind, CHORUS I got no time, time I've got no time for you, since I've lost my mind for you, I've got no time for you, since I lost my mind,
My ears are burning from the cold, But theres a fire roaring in my soul, I'm always learning and always growing old, This world keeps turning or so I have been told, I'm going somewhere so I can come back home, I'm going somewhere so I can be alone, My ears are numb now and my eyes are welling up, But I haven't been away long enough, CHORUS- I cant see the path for all these leaves, I cant see the woods for all these trees, I cant see the land for all the seas, But I will hear you when you whisper to the breeze, I'm turning round and heading back your way, But I cut myself short and keep myself away, A few more miles and I can be with you, But I turn around I'm sure you would do too, CHORUS everywhere I look, you're all that I see, You're all I want, you're all that I need, And you can take my mind and my body, You're all that I want, you're the air that I breathe, CHORUS
Rapture 03:13
How can you live without a care, In a world that just isn't fair, You believe all of their lies, But it comes as no surprise, When they say this isn't the truth, That is when you ask for proof, -CHORUS You believed them for so long, You knew something was wrong, But you just can't place it, You believed them for so long, You cant see right from wrong, Now you just can't face it, There are times when I question why we're here, Leave that behind you can live without a fear, And as much as you try, You cant separate the truth from their blatant lies, They say questionings no use, As they're tightening the noose, CHORUS There are times when I wish I didn't know, some of the things that I go so far to show, There are times when I wish I could forget, Some of the things I most regret, Tell your kids to stay inside, Tell your kids to run and hide, -CHORUS-
Shallow breaths, and little steps, And all your subtle undertones, Shallow breaths, not up to this test, Of all the things that I don't know, So tell me something I don't know Shallow breaths, got nothing left, In this town that I call home, Shallow breaths, and a burning chest, This time I've really let myself go, So tell me something I don't know And I don't know what to say to you, And I don't know who to pray to, I'm taking these shallow breaths, its empty inside my chest,
I can have the world on a screen, there's nothing I cant do, I don't want virtual reality when I can have the real you, Times are changing, every bodies loosing their heads, This ain't living when you can do it all from your beds, We've got this chance to be alive, Why do so many try only to survive, -CHORUS- Lets run away from life, So that we can live, Lets run away tonight, life is to be lived, Its a free country but we are in oppression, Theres so much love that I see being wasted on possessions, Why do we all live like we are asleeep, We followed the piper now all the children are sheep, We've got this chance to be alive, Why try only to survive, -CHORUS- I'm as far away as I can be, Without going over seas, Three hundred miles, been travelling for a while and I know, You'll be there when I come home, Wont you run away with me, -CHORUS-


released April 1, 2015


all rights reserved



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